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JANUARY 22, 2003


The first Fun Match of the American Foxhound Club was August 31, 1996 in Lexington, KY. with a total of 20 entries @ $5 each entry.

Charter Memberships were available until August 31, 1996. Our Charter Membership certificates are dated February 13, 1996. There is a letter stating that we had 44 Charter Members.

The first meeting was held in Lexington on August 31, 1996. Dues were changed to $50 per person at that meeting. No two family members dues, just $50 per member.

The first National Specialty was held in Lexington in 1997. According to the newsletter, there were a total of 42 entered with a total of 71 entries. A quilt purchased from the Georgia International for $250 was raffled off and each member was requested to sell 10 tickets for $2 each. Each member was sent 10 tickets. According to the report we sold $1,076.00 in tickets. The club had a total of $775 in trophy donations. The trophies cost the AFC $1,000. James shows a profit of only $204 for that specialty.

From the records that I have gone through so far the club was formed in 1995 and received dues. There is still alot to go through and the history will be updated as soon as this task is finished.


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