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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about American Foxhounds:

  1. Are Foxhounds good with children?
    Yes, Foxhounds are very mild tempered, and easy going. I have yet to meet one that won't put up with children. Most foxhound breeders have stories to tell of how their children learned to walk holding on to the tail of a foxhound

  2. Are foxhounds good house pets?
    If the hound was bred, and raised in a house, yes. If the hound came from a pack, or was raised outside, it may take some work. See also training

  3. What about if I have an apartment?
    Foxhounds are bred to run. If you can provide your hound with adequate exercise, apartment living is fine. If not, you're hound is likely to become bored and destructive.

  4. How are Foxhounds with other dogs?
    In my experience, I have only seen aggression towards other dogs, between two intact males in the same pack. Usually fighting for pack status or a bitch in season. Otherwise they get along very well with other dogs.

  5. What about other kinds of pets?
    For the most part they get along fine with cats, and fair size rodents. Foxhounds are hunting dogs, do not leave unsupervised with other pets until you are confident there will be no problems. Mine personally gets along fine with my cats, guinea pigs, and hedgehog. Just for size reasons, I don't let her mingle with anything smaller then that, she might hurt them on accident just on size ratio.

  6. Do I need a fenced in yard?
    A fence is preferable, but depending on you, and your dog not a requirement. If you don't have a fence, be prepared to go for very long walks, and through a lot of obedience. Not all hounds are trustworthy off leash due to their instincts.

  7. What is the life span of a Foxhound?
    The average life span is 11-13 years.

  8. Are there many medical problems with Foxhounds?
    There have been a few hip problems, and few chronic ear problems. But no problems are prevalent enough to call a breed problem.

  9. Are they easy to train?
    Foxhounds are very stubborn, and independent. They require a lot of patience, and persistence on your part. It is best to start young, but just requires a little more work if you're starting with an older dog, or one who has been taken out of a pack. I highly recommend that any foxhound owner take their hound through at least one obedience class. It makes a huge difference in the way your hound listens to, and respects you.

  10. Is it okay to only have one hound?
    Yes, as long as you have time to spend with your hound so they don't get bored, and give it proper exercise. If not you should either look into a different breed, or get yours a buddy to keep him or her occupied while you're gone.

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